Sunday, June 14, 2009

6 basic steps of how to create a WebPart in SharePoint


This is beginners tutorial of how to deploy a WebPart in SharePoint. It is a 6 step procedure and this tutorial will walk through the same. In case you are fresher to SharePoint you can read my FAQ articles listed below. I am sure within an hour you can get acquainted to SharePoint and get started.

Quick Start FAQ Part I :- 11 basic FAQ questions , must for every new comer.It's a the basic Quick Start FAQ tutorial which talks about What is SharePoint, WSS, MOSS, Site/Site collection, Virtual Path provider and then ends with explaining SitePages and Application pages
SharePoint FAQ: Part I

Quick Start FAQ part II:- This is the second part in the series which explains the ready made functionalities,custom pages,deploying/activating/deactivating features and lot.
SharePoint FAQ: Part II

Quick Start FAQ Part III:- This covers page templates , page instances , WSS model , understand safe mode processing , deploy custom controls and understand WebParts. So let's drink the SharePoint wine series by series, slowly, maintain the hangover and enjoy this great product.
SharePoint FAQ: Part III

Step 1:- Create the Webpart

The first step is to create the WebPart. Below is the code snippet of a webPart. So we need to reference the 'WebParts', the custom webpart class should inherit from 'WebPart' class and finally we need to override the 'CreateChildControls' method with our custom implementation.

see full detail:

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Barlow Boykin said...

As I am new to the SharePoint, I though to give a look to FAQ. I loved both the part, for beginners to deal with such questions will be a good choice. Got to learn lot form it and still looking for more such questions and its solutions.