Thursday, June 25, 2009

ASP.NET and JQuery - first example

JQuery is another javascript library which eases javascript developemt - and it also (of course) includes some Ajax functionality. There are a lot ofcool client side plugins and as soon as you have gotten the main Ajax communication working (not matter which helper library you choose), I bet you will soon enough be googling for cool GUI widgets as well so those are really worth a lot - at least for me. Compared to prototype and the like - JQuery also have a great website, containing good documentation and examples.

First of all - there are NO serverside components to reference from your VS project. Just a simple js file. It's up to you to handle how the data should be serialized and interpreted on both sides of the line (client and server). I will in later articles describe how that could be done.

Anyway, we need to start somewhere - and in the first example there is NO, no AJAX - just a simple HTML file - and some javascript. The reason for that is well, lets look at the example first:

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