Thursday, June 4, 2009

Credit Card Validator control for ASP.NET

A while ago I started working on converting an eCommerce payment gateway's (
DataCash) COM server to a native .NET assembly using their XML API. Once I had got a basic version working I decided to produce a simple web form to test it out, and so opened it up for all comers (and received some very generous donations from CP members -- thanks guys :). As part of this web form I wanted to include support to check that users had entered a card number, expiration date etc., and then wanted to extend it further to include support for checking that the card number was valid before issuing a request to the payment gateway's server. This is the result, a drop-in replacement for any of the other validation controls.

Incidentally, you can see a demo of the validator in use (as well as the card payment gateway assembly) at the following address:, besides this you may also be interested in the everything you ever wanted to know about CC's guide.
Before getting into any of the implementation details here is a simple UML class diagram to show the rough layout of the Control.

see full detail:

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