Thursday, June 4, 2009

Integrating Electronic Payment Processing into ASP.NET Web Applications

Electronic Payment processing continues to be a common theme for many Web based applications and while the process is getting easier with the market maturing, there's still a maze of choices and options in setting up your payment solutions and get them integrated into existing applications. In this article, I'll give a high level overview of the electronic payment processing by looking at the various players involved in the payment processing operation and some suggestions and options you have on getting hooked up with the right provider. I'll talk about how the process works, what it takes to get started and what it's going to cost. Finally I'll take you through an application that integrates payment processing and show a class you can use to integrate a few of the common Gateway services into existing applications.

The process of taking electronic payments from customers and getting the money deposited into your own accounts is a winding one, with several levels of providers being part of the transaction process. Figure 1 shows an overview of the process and the entities involved.
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