Friday, June 5, 2009

Partial update of parent page via AJAX (ASP.NET 2.0) on close of a child window - conditionally


At times, we are in situations where we need to open a child window, do some work on it, and then close it. Now, based on what was done on the child window, we may need to refresh the parent page or not. Now, not just refresh, a partial refresh! I have tried to demonstrate how we can pass on a value to a child, do something out there, and on saving it, we partially update the parent page. If nothing was done on the child window or the operation was canceled, then there would be no update of the parent page. This whole operation gives a good feel to the user, and the performance of the page would look a lot improved.


We had a requirement in our project where we needed to update the parent page partially based on a particular value returned from the child window. Earlier, we were able to update the parent page, but all the time! Finally, after getting around the way described below, we were able to achieve partial update of the parent page only when required.

Using the code

For demonstration's sake, I had placed few Labels on the parent page. Couple of them inside the UpdatePanel and one outside it - just to keep an eye on the page getting partially updated whenever any update is done. The parent page ASPX looks like:

See full detail:

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