Friday, July 3, 2009

Create Composite Control using Ajax Toolkit Controls


Ajax Control Toolkit allows the developer to create Web applications that can update data on the Web page without a complete reload of the page, and contain many controls with very interesting features: popup panels, resizable controls, floating controls and others.

Often you want a control with some features of some other controls, so you can achieve the goal of joining more controls in a single control as CompositeControl.
Composite Controls are controls that combine multiple controls together to form a new reusable control. For example, I want to create a control container that makes resizable, collapsible, draggable all guest controls as
IFrame or others.
ResizableControlExtender, CollapsiblePanelextender, DragPanelExtender controls extend their own features to the Panel written on TargetControlID property so you can create a mix like this:

See full detail:

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