Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to Customize the New AjaxControlToolkit Tools



Microsoft has released 3 new controls in their latest release of the AjaxControlToolkit. This release can be downloaded from:


The new controls are the:

  1. HTMLEditor Control
  2. ComboBox Control
  3. ColorPicker Control

The best thing about these controls is their level of customization. Documentation is included in the sample website provided by Microsoft, but I will briefly touch on what you can do to customize each of these controls.


1. HTMLEditor Control

This control gives you the ability to add html formatting to a control, and allows a good deal of customization for that control.

In order to create your own customized instance of the control, you first must create a new class in your App_Code Folder, and override the FillTopToolbar and FillBottomToolbar methods. By doing this, you can allow the user to be able to use only certain functionality, which is nice if you simply want the user to have basic control over formatting. The details are included in the download under App_Code/MyEditor.vb. However, in order to override those items, you must include the following in your class.

See full detail: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/AjaxLatestTools.aspx

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