Tuesday, August 11, 2009

File Encryption and Decryption in C#


This article demonstrates how to use C# to encrypt and decrypt files of any type.


Recently, I needed to find a simple way to encrypt and decrypt a file of any type (I actually needed to encrypt image and text files) and any size. I found hundreds of examples on the web, many of which just plain didn't work, or threw errors on certain file types.

Eventually, I put together the following two methods using the Rijndael encryption algorithm. They simply require that you pass them the full path to the original and target files. They both require the use of the System.Security, System.Security.Cryptography, System.Runtime.InteropServices, and System.Text.RegularExpressions namespaces.

Unfortunately, as I looked at so many examples on the web and actually did all this a while ago, I do not remember which bits of code were originally written by who. So, if you recognise some of it, many thanks, leave a comment below so that your work doesn't go unrecognised.

Using the code

There are two methods: encryptFile and decryptFile. They both require that you pass in the filenames and paths of the source and destination files as strings. It is important that the user has the necessary file rights to create the encrypted file.

See full detail: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/files/encryption.aspx

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