Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exact Phrase Website Live Search Script .NET 3.5, New 2009


My project: Exact Phrase Website Live Search Script. This script is produced with compatibility to ASP .NET 3.5 and is used in Websites, webservers, including localhost, domain.com, etc. The script primary programming is done in C#. This script is a utility which searches out the entire domain.com or the website's files: .html, .htm, .txt, .rtf, .nfo to find an exact keyword or a phrase. The search does not requires any database neighter temporary file creation or temporary space. Search is done right live into the website and the server which runs the website! In one go, in a matter of only two seconds on the Xeon server, the search completes parsing out at least 500 web pages and indexes the searched files right away.


Extended information:

Put this ASP 3.5 script into yourdomain.com/ and search the entire website for exact word or a phrase. This script is based on ASP .NET 3.5 so if you have installed .NET 3.5 on your server/localhost, there will not be any problem. This script is freeware, for personal, and for educational purpose. You can implement this script in universities, schools, and public libraries to search all* files on the website. The script is upgradable. Currently, because the script searches out files in live, it does not requires any database, file, or any temporary space to index files. What it requires is memory. Search is performed live on the entire website and only in two seconds, minimum of 500 web-pages and text files can be parsed. The phrase or the keyword you specify is searched exactly as you had specified in the search form. It is searched exactly as it is specified by the user in the search engine form. All search phrases are searched in lower case so that if the user did not know about if the word he is searching is in lower case or in upper case alphabets, the search will seek out all such matching words or phrase. 99.9% of guaranteed exact search is found when matched if exists in a valid parsed file (.html, .htm, .txt., .nfo, .rtf), so this script fits the public libraries to search for books, titles, names, etc....

Live demo

You can watch a live demo (search the word "tushar" without quotes) at this link.


This is the newest search engine module written in ASP .NET and C#. Contains what a demanding educational and a free webmaster requires in his website. The script is upgradable because it is driven totally by methods/functions but not by open programming. It is all organized, very well organized.

Using the Code

Download the code, extract the files into /search folder, or /search folder directly in your website into a virtual directory. If you have ASP .NET, the script will be executed from main display file: "phrasesearch.aspx" which will then display a search engine form. The "phrasesearch.aspx.cs" file is the primary C# code file in which at the top are some constant or global variables required to be configured manually. Only four-six variables and are easily understood by the programmers who have knowledge of web development and ASP.

In "phrasesearch.aspx.cs", these are the global variables which are only "optional" no need to configure actually if no error arises. Unless an error comes up, then would be any requirement to configure these variables because the script automatically takes up the job of configuration also.

See full detail: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/exactphrasesearchscript.aspx