Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making Timeline Control for DataGrid in WPF

Now that we have the brushes we can draw the rectangles. The horizontal rectangle is for Hour and the vertical rectangle(s) for minute(s).


As you see from the above xaml display, we have Minute rectangles Visibility made as Hidden. Here is the trick for visibility; if we use visibility as collapsed the space taken by the rectangle is gone and the next rectangle would take it's place. In order to do that we need a Dependency Property which would contain the minute(s) as user has to give.


As you see in the above code display, the MinutesProperty is created as a Dependency Property. It is a type of TimelineControl and it would have the value as string.

Let's have the Loaded event of the User Control, where we will make the minute rectangles visible based on the minute list provided.

See full details: